About Us

We are the Edmondsons, family of ten plus! Various food sensitivities, as well as a passion for food that tastes out of this world is exactly why we’re here. We are literally living out our dream here in Sandpoint, ID.

Our food and health journey originally began over a decade ago in Redding, CA. There, we took over an existing produce delivery business, Country Organics. We tweaked the business over the years, moving from a door-to-door produce delivery service to a marketplace, and then eventually to our own bakery and prepared food outlet. Ten years into owning Country Organics, we began realizing our deep love for the kitchen. At that point we decided to sell Country Organics, and move to northern Idaho to start our own organic and gluten-free restaurant. Most of our recipes were formulated by Rylie, our eldest daughter. Her gifting in the kitchen has inspired the rest of us to devise our own delectable eats, some of which have “made the cut,” and are now on the menu.


Creating gluten-free, plant-based recipes is our goal. Most of our options are considered vegan, though we do have sustainable meats and dairy additions. Almost all of our menu selections are made from scratch, including our coconut and almond milks. We strive to buy as much local produce as possible. If you haven’t tasted our “Ahava Amore” (meaning, “love love”) house-made tortillas, they are our signature item. Each gluten-free tortilla, like crepe batter, is poured onto a flat ironed panini press. Wraps and melts are both prepared on these mouth-watering, freshly pressed tortillas.

Food isn’t just about feeding your body, it’s also about satisfying your hungering spirit. When we eat nourishing foods, it improves our overall outlook and touches every fiber of our lives. We should desire to fuel our bodies with what is natural, with what fills us with vibrance and vitality. Today’s world is so polluted, we must make choices as consumers to put our money in the right place(s). With our dollars, we can literally force restaurants, grocery stores, and other food vendors to create safer and more nutritious food options.


Our bottom line at City Beach Organics: We absolutely won’t compromise. We won’t sell GMO’s or pesticide-laden foods. We also choose not to sell pork, or meats that are considered biblically unclean. This is a personal stance, but we have seen the health benefits of carrying this practice into our business as well. Distinction in what fare is chosen is top priority to us, sustainable options always win out.


We hope all who come in to dine will leave with more than just satisfied bellies. Love and compassion are just as important to us as feeding mouths. Understanding that we are imperfect people, striving for more, we look forward to what each new day holds. An extended “family” of us work together to make City Beach Organics incredible. Attitude counts, we trust you will taste the love in our food.